photo of microwave tower


The Oregon Wireless Instructional Network (Oregon WIN) is a "broadcast quality" video network created for the delivery of educational, cultural, and public afairs programming to viewers throughout the Willamette Valley. The network is composed of three interrelated wireless technologies.

    Microwave Backbone
    A network of point-to-point microwave paths (dotted lines on network map below) connect participating colleges and universities to a multi-channel backbone (bold lines on map below) operating between Portland and Eugene. The microwave network allows campuses to share programs among participants and to deliver broadcast quality programs to regional, national and international distribution networks including EBS (Educational Broadband Services) transmission sites, satellite uplink facilities and national fiber optic networks. Network switching provides maximum flexibility. The signal flow chart shows the circuit paths.
    "Last Mile" Network
    A multi-channel EBS network operates from transmission towers located in Eugene, Salem and Portland. Each transmission site broadcasts four to six channels of programming directly to cable headends.
    Broadband Data Network
    The third network is a last mile, wireless broadband networkoffered by CLEAR, Oregon WIN's commercial partner in managing the EBS spectrum in the Willamette Valley.
map of Oregon WIN service area